The country that Dejzi adopted has been working in a school in Ustka for a few days did the collection.

Thank you for the karma, tastes, blankets, but the Christmas card for Asylum touched me "Dear dogs, I hope this bag is a very successful gift for you.

My dog ​​also got involved in this gift because he shared his karma. But do not be afraid she will not be hungry, because she still has a lot of karma.

I gave you my old blanket and quilt to keep you warm. The more that it is winter.

On Christmas occasion, I wish you health, joy of wonderful owners.

To the employees of Hostels of Merry New Year's Family Ewelina from primary school No. 1 from the 5c class ".

Thank you Ewelinka and friends from school in Ustka named after Capt. Leonid Teliga.