Do you lead an active lifestyle and do not like to sit at home in front of the TV?

Or maybe you don't like to be bored even on a rainy cloudy day?
This is the right place for you, because we have a faithful companion for you to walk and travel.
I have the honor to introduce you to the beautiful girl that is called Nuka.

She is about 2 summer bitch in medium spitz type.

In beautiful colors and brown eyes laughing at everyone, in which you will fall in love at first sight.
Nuka now lives in a temporary home in Bydgoszcz.

He likes long walks regardless of the weather.

She also loves to cuddle up with everything that is fluffy, which can be seen in the pictures, and she loves being stroked under her face.

Nuka is sterilized and vaccinated against rabies and viral diseases. She is also tested by a vet and has a valid health booklet.

Does not pull on a leash, walks by the leg does not move away from the master and is taught cleanliness.
The female is friendly to children and other animals
So if you need a faithful friend for good and bad times, Nuka is ready to trust you and love you with all her dog's heart.

The only downside of the bitch if you can call it that you can't leave her at the open window or balcony for now, because the bitch jumps very high and you can't let her off the leash for some time because she is very fearful.

This requires little work and gaining confidence in the new owner.

Nuka is a mentee of the Our Futrzaki Foundation and is recommended for adoption.