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Let's help dogs from Kashubia

Let's help dogs from Kashubia

There is such a place in Poland, a beautiful land of forests and lakes.

This is Kashubia.

Our villages are more beautiful, they are building new houses, cars, but the lives of our Burkas and Azorkas, who live behind these beautiful houses and chained to their huts, still remembering grandfather and great-grandfather, their lives do not change.

In the Kashubian land, leased from the municipality, we have created a foundation, where these hurt, abandoned dogs learn to live, without pain and beating, without a chain next to human.

To the best of our abilities, we have created a tiny paradise for them. What we do is a drop in the sea.

For the world of Burk and Azorek to change, people have to change their thinking, so we started with the youngest.

Help us do it better and more.

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account number: 83 1240 3783 1111 0010 6558 9374

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What you need to know about us


A beautiful poem

Our motto


And when the days were fulfilled and die it came in the summer,
dogs walked across the rainbow bridge. - Equally. Paw in paw.

Thousands of paw thudded the bridge, the bloody rain was lashing the earth, and they went, and went, and went, carrying pain and suffering.
and they went, and went, and went, carrying pain and suffering.

The angel knocked on God's door, - "My Lord, they are already near" - ...
He looked into eyes full of tears, though they know everything.

At the exit from the bridge stooded the God- the lips paled tremble-
- how can all dogs be cared for when thousands of them are going? ...

In what words the God has to beg the dog to forgive him
for this that he believed in his image gave man the Earth?

Barbara Borzymowska

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What we try to provide to our dogs

nasze futrzaki foundation

Cleanliness and hygiene

We provide our dogs with clean pens and care for their hygiene.

Veterinary care

We strive to provide veterinary care for our dogs.

Walks and movement

We provide daily movement and walks for our dogs.

dog and cat
A safe and warm shelter

We care for a safe and always warm shelter for our dogs.

Dog adoption

We strive to find good permanent homes for all our dogs.

Good care

We provide good care for our dogs.

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Our foundation has an experienced, qualified team that transfers its passion and love for animals to raise dogs.


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